Wednesday, 12 January 2011

2011 News - coming soon!


Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! I thought I'd begin this new year by updating this blog with stuff from the old year that I didn't get around to. Which was very naughty of me (see previous post for how awful a blogger I am). Now I have updated a little bit, though I still have two markets and some behind the scenes stuff to come, let us commence the general chit chat!

How are you all? Both Sparrow and Nightingale are in fine form, despite it being January, a month which is truly abysmal. I can certainly speak for myself when I say that I had a lovely, relaxing Christmas (when I was in my little nest) and a very stressful working Christmas, from what I've gathered, I believe Sparrow's was much the same. Hope that you had a restful Christmas too and had the chance to truly enjoy it, even if you had to work it.

However, we met for some post-Christmas catch up drinkies with our friends at Truly, Madly, Vintage and Make, Do & Mend where we also discussed our upcoming ideas for 2011 and caught up with everyone's plans - let me tell you, Chelmsford has some very exciting goodies heading it's way! I feel I cannot divulge anymore at this moment, but rest assured those plans are very good indeed....

As for Sparrow and Nightingale's plans....they are also splendiferous, with world domination obviously being very high on the agenda, as always (jokes - or are they?). We are currently having a little winter 201o/2011 sale to make way for some of the new things we are working on, you can see the items at this link which I will hide as it was far too long and to order you simply Facebook message us, or email us at

For now, over and out!

A very excited Nightingale

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