Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Internet Woe and Blog Inspiration

This is still coming to you from a Wetherspoons Wi-Fi connection, so alas no pictures - still! The Nightingales get a phone line on this coming Thursday though and then internet arrives within 2 weeks so huzzah! I never would have thought that internet takes so bloody long to get here as its in the air all around us most of the time anyway....its amazing isn't it the way that amongst the molecules of air there are waves, within which is the biggest, most expansive encyclopedia of anything and everything, all just hovering around, all the time, waiting to be tapped into. It blows my mind sometimes.

Anyway, enough of that little brainfart. Sparrow and Nightingale are getting mega excited about our next markets, they're approaching so fast, its scary! Where has this year gone? But we're busy crafting away on our Christmas bits and bobs, and starting to think ahead to next year when hopefully we'll be expanding our range a bit to include even more new things! Still have so many ideas all buzzing around, constantly finding new inspiration.

I thought I'd bring your attention to this rather wonderful blog by Sparrow and Nightingale's immensely talented friend. This is one of my current inspirations! Check it out - I'm sure you'll love the super cute prints!

Again, hopefully next time won't be from a Wetherspoons!
Lots of Love