Monday, 27 September 2010

To the Future!

Big Hellos

The future holds bright things indeed! Keep watching this space and our facebook page for announcements on all things new very soon!

After our impromptu summer hiatus, which we didn't even intentionally take, Sparrow and Nightingale have returned from our holidays all refreshed like and got back into the swing of things with the fantastic Truly Madly Vintage Chelmsford Market, with the Chelmsford Fashion Club who laid on an awesome catwalk show and photo shoot opportunities. It was a very busy market, and was a great way to get us going again! Thanks to all who came along, it was lovely to see so many happy, smiley faces in the increasingly rare sunshine as we slide into Autumn/Winter.

Sparrow has been very busy making millions of cushions (although she is now banned from making any more, lovely as they are) and getting some ace new charms to inspire us, flying around at breakneck speed as usual! Over at the Nightingale end, I've just finished making up three new cute card designs to show Sparrow (and soon, the world!) and we're both gearing up for Christmas with loads of festive ideas whizzing around our heads! Can't believe I'm thinking of Christmas this early, but after seeing retailers already going Christmas crazy I already feel like I've left it a little late.... (which is of course not true!)

This blog entry was brought to you from a Wetherspoons, while I make the most of their free Wi-Fi (as after a big move the Nightingales are yet to sort out our internet, or phone, or even buy a TV!) however, the next will be hopefully coming from a Sparrow and Nightingale base with internet so I can upload such lovely things as pictures!

Take care my loyal (well, you must be to be continuing to read this) readers