Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Internet Woe and Blog Inspiration

This is still coming to you from a Wetherspoons Wi-Fi connection, so alas no pictures - still! The Nightingales get a phone line on this coming Thursday though and then internet arrives within 2 weeks so huzzah! I never would have thought that internet takes so bloody long to get here as its in the air all around us most of the time anyway....its amazing isn't it the way that amongst the molecules of air there are waves, within which is the biggest, most expansive encyclopedia of anything and everything, all just hovering around, all the time, waiting to be tapped into. It blows my mind sometimes.

Anyway, enough of that little brainfart. Sparrow and Nightingale are getting mega excited about our next markets, they're approaching so fast, its scary! Where has this year gone? But we're busy crafting away on our Christmas bits and bobs, and starting to think ahead to next year when hopefully we'll be expanding our range a bit to include even more new things! Still have so many ideas all buzzing around, constantly finding new inspiration.

I thought I'd bring your attention to this rather wonderful blog by Sparrow and Nightingale's immensely talented friend. This is one of my current inspirations! Check it out - I'm sure you'll love the super cute prints!

Again, hopefully next time won't be from a Wetherspoons!
Lots of Love

Monday, 27 September 2010

To the Future!

Big Hellos

The future holds bright things indeed! Keep watching this space and our facebook page for announcements on all things new very soon!

After our impromptu summer hiatus, which we didn't even intentionally take, Sparrow and Nightingale have returned from our holidays all refreshed like and got back into the swing of things with the fantastic Truly Madly Vintage Chelmsford Market, with the Chelmsford Fashion Club who laid on an awesome catwalk show and photo shoot opportunities. It was a very busy market, and was a great way to get us going again! Thanks to all who came along, it was lovely to see so many happy, smiley faces in the increasingly rare sunshine as we slide into Autumn/Winter.

Sparrow has been very busy making millions of cushions (although she is now banned from making any more, lovely as they are) and getting some ace new charms to inspire us, flying around at breakneck speed as usual! Over at the Nightingale end, I've just finished making up three new cute card designs to show Sparrow (and soon, the world!) and we're both gearing up for Christmas with loads of festive ideas whizzing around our heads! Can't believe I'm thinking of Christmas this early, but after seeing retailers already going Christmas crazy I already feel like I've left it a little late.... (which is of course not true!)

This blog entry was brought to you from a Wetherspoons, while I make the most of their free Wi-Fi (as after a big move the Nightingales are yet to sort out our internet, or phone, or even buy a TV!) however, the next will be hopefully coming from a Sparrow and Nightingale base with internet so I can upload such lovely things as pictures!

Take care my loyal (well, you must be to be continuing to read this) readers


Sunday, 9 May 2010

Phew what a busy few weeks!

Hope you're well readers, as the title of this post suggests it has indeed been a very busy few weeks (again), we've had lots of making, and a market!

I come bearing photos from our wonderful friend Kerry, who kindly came along to our first market with her camera, on April 24th at the Shire Hall in Chelmsford, as organised by the fantastic Truly Madly Vintage.

We got to Shire Hall bright and early, having packed everything up the night before and done a little run through of how we wanted our pitch to look, so after recreating it for real on our real market pitch in a real Hall we went for a nerve calming coffee. Well, a wake up coffee too for me, I was a sleepy Nightingale.

When the market opened at 10am, we didn't have long to wait for our first customer who bought one of our vintage charm necklaces. We were so happy to have sold even one thing, and from then on our nerves went and we just had a great time, meeting so many people who came round to say hello, and making new friends! The day flew past in a flurry of sunshine, smiles and support, then it was all over and far too soon we were packing away.

To all who came out in the glorious sunshine to see the market, thank you so much for coming down, we had a great day meeting you all, and especially big hugs and kisses to those who bought things!

(Apologies for the unrotated ness of the photo of the birds in the tree - it was too nice to leave out! If you click on any of the photos it will link to our facebook album with lots more lovely photos!)

Since then, Sparrow and I have been putting our noggins together to come up with new products for our next market (May 22nd, 10am - 3pm at Shire Hall, Chelmsford, hosted by TMV) so pop back and I might have some sneak peeks exclusively for you!


Sunday, 11 April 2010

Show and Tell

Greetings dear reader!

How are you? Hope you are well!

Dear me, April is shaping up to be a very busy month in the Nightingale household, so much going on. Every week I think I'm not doing anything, then all of a sudden *boom*, I have plans every night! Its all exciting though, I think its down to the summery weather, I always seem to have so much more energy in the sunshine. Its a glorious day today and it feels like spring has finally sprung and summer is on its way....of course, now that I've said that I'll have jinxed it, so enjoy it while you can!

At the end of March myself and Mr Nightingale went on a little holiday, we flew the nest and hopped from branch to branch in Germany's tree (or, we went interrailing through Germany). We had a fantastic time, and train is a great way to travel; you see more, get a chance to experience more of the country and its more environmentally friendly than flying! Add to that the trains in Europe are so much better than our transport in the UK and its definitely a trip I'd recommend.

Anyhoo, distracted from the point there, which was that while in Berlin we found some gems! (not actual gems I hasten to add, though mores the pity). A gorgeous fabric and haberdashery shop called Frau Tulpe where I treated myself to some lovely new fabric (the first and second pictures). Among all the funky fabrics there it was a tough decision, but I think I chose well in the end!

The next two pictures are of some paper I bought from Twinkle Twinkle, a little homewares/fabric/everything in lush patterns shop! This place was a little treasure trove and had I a house or the money I'm sure I'd have spent a fortune! As it was I bought the papers (which are also light and easy to carry, added bonuses on the last day of walking around carrying a rucksack). The first, red paper was such a vivid print that I couldn't let it go once I spotted it and the second, had a handmade paper feel, from the parchment/ scroll -esque paper, to the patches of pattern that some times mismatched all of which endeared it to me!

Here endeth the 'look what I did on my holiday' show and tell. I've just started using all of these and I'm really excited to see how they look - here is hoping they look good, bit of a journey to get them changed if I'm not happy (not that I would do that anyway - I'd keep all of it and just buy more)!



Sunday, 28 March 2010

A taste of things to come

This is our just finished, hot off the presses logo. I think that it captures my good side, don't you?

A little preview for now, at least until I figure out how to stamp this on our blog page somewhere, I'm really rather new to all this blogging lark don't you know!



Welcome to the Sparrow and Nightingale blog! Have a seat, make yourselves comfy, and I'll pop the kettle on...

I'm very glad that you made it, its great to see you :)

This is a blog in progress and as such there will be more and more added over time (hopefully) so keep your eyes peeled! For now explore the bits and bobs we've got here and I'll be back with some goodies soon

Take care