Sunday, 28 March 2010


Welcome to the Sparrow and Nightingale blog! Have a seat, make yourselves comfy, and I'll pop the kettle on...

I'm very glad that you made it, its great to see you :)

This is a blog in progress and as such there will be more and more added over time (hopefully) so keep your eyes peeled! For now explore the bits and bobs we've got here and I'll be back with some goodies soon

Take care



  1. Haaaaaaayyyyyleeeeeeeeyyyyyy?? Hi! <3

  2. Hey Sarah! Yes it is Hayley! Well techincally speaking this is my fellow Crafty Bird who organises the blog and writes for it, I am Sparrow and she is Nightingale! How are you and how is Temp:Sec? Hope its all going well my lovely, you are super talented!

    Love from Sparrow xxx